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Becoming aVirtual TulsaMerchant

Is your organization's sales literature instantly accessible to over 100 million people? The past four years have seen explosive growth in the Internet for a variety of business purposes. Progressive companies everywhere are realizing that effective use of the Internet can pay huge dividends.

However, we have found that many companies are not interested in the world-wide reach of the Internet. They simply want a way to reach local buyers. That is why we developed Virtual Tulsa's SHOPPING MALL, to give local businesses the opportunity to advertise and attract local customers. We also endeavor to provide free, useful information about the Tulsa area.

Getting your business on the Internet has never been easier. Virtual Tulsa specializes in web site designs for small to medium size companies. Our value-priced small business web pages are the key to your success. We can furnish everything from a small bold-face listing in Virtual Tulsa's SHOPPING MALL, to a multi-page site with its own custom Internet address.

Why should your organization have a web site?

  • Generate immediate orders
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Build credibility
  • Keep current customers updated on new products and services
  • Save a fortune on printing and mailing costs

If you're still not convinced, review our 20 Reasons To Put Your Business On The Internet.

Virtual Tulsa offers one-stop service to claim your share of the global Internet market. We will assist you in making technology choices that make business sense, and protect you from wasting valuable resources on marketing fads and hype. Our goal is to provide information to your customers and project a positive image to potential clients.

Affordable plans to fit any size business.

Virtual Tulsa will quote you a yearly fee, with options and specialty services quoted separately. There will be no hidden fees or monthly billing. You will know exactly what your site will cost you before the work begins.

Many enhancements are coming to the Internet, including the ability to perform secure financial transactions. Virtual Tulsa will assist our customers in keeping up with technological changes on the Internet and help them make the most of those changes.

Let a Virtual Tulsa representative explain what the new Internet technology can do for your business. We can be reached by telephone at (918) 496-1530.

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